PUT /freight-forward/product/{carrier}

Update product data with specified carrier in Freight Forwarding DB.

Path parameters

  • carrier string Required

    Carrier name to ship, e.g. samarkand.sfexpress.test


Package to ship for Freight Forwarding DB

  • barcode string Required

    The barcode of product

  • skuNumber string Required

    The number of stock keeping unit

  • brand string Required

    The brand name of current product

  • name string Required

    The product name

  • nameCn string Required

    Chinese name of product

  • hsCode string Required

    The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS code) of the tariff nomenclature is an international standardised system of names and numbers for the classification of commodities

  • model string

    The model of current product.

  • customsUnitCodeWeight string Required

    Legal first unit of measurement for customs product

  • Legal second unit of measurement for customs product

  • customsUnitCodePackage string Required

    The quantity unit code customs purpose. Declaration Unit

  • countryOfOrigin string Required

    Country of origin of of product

  • netWeight number Required

    Use Kilogram as the basic unit of mass

  • Use Kilogram as the basic unit of mass

  • spec string

    The spec of current product

  • The description of product

  • Chinese description of product

  • additionalImageUrls array[string]

    Additional image urls

  • storeIds array[string]

    Available store ids of product

  • rrpCny number(float)

    Recommended retail price, unit is China Yuan

  • rrpGbp number(float)

    Recommended retail price, unit is Great Britain Pound

  • The returned filing id of current SKU from customs

  • The ingredients of current product.

  • taxRate number(float)

    Product tax rate for cross-border e-commerce(%)


PUT /freight-forward/product/{carrier}
curl \
 -X PUT{carrier} \
 -H "x-ca-key: $API_KEY" \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"barcode":"12508742","skuNumber":"12508742","brand":"Percy \u0026 Reed","name":"12508742","nameCn":"12508742","hsCode":"3305900000","model":"iPhone XR","customsUnitCodeWeight":"035, means 千克/kilogram","customsUnitCode":"string","customsUnitCodePackage":"142","countryOfOrigin":"502","netWeight":0.25,"grossWeight":0.3,"spec":"250ml/瓶","descriptionEn":"string","descriptionCn":"string","additionalImageUrls":["string"],"storeIds":["string"],"rrpCny":158.4,"rrpGbp":18,"customsFilingId":"string","ingredients":"发酵乳杆菌Lc40(CECT5716),麦芽糊精,蔗糖,抗坏血酸钠","taxRate":9.1}'
Request example
  "barcode": "12508742",
  "skuNumber": "12508742",
  "brand": "Percy & Reed",
  "name": "12508742",
  "nameCn": "12508742",
  "hsCode": "3305900000",
  "model": "iPhone XR",
  "customsUnitCodeWeight": "035, means 千克/kilogram",
  "customsUnitCode": "string",
  "customsUnitCodePackage": "142",
  "countryOfOrigin": "502",
  "netWeight": 0.25,
  "grossWeight": 0.3,
  "spec": "250ml/瓶",
  "descriptionEn": "string",
  "descriptionCn": "string",
  "additionalImageUrls": [
  "storeIds": [
  "rrpCny": 158.4,
  "rrpGbp": 18,
  "customsFilingId": "string",
  "ingredients": "发酵乳杆菌Lc40(CECT5716),麦芽糊精,蔗糖,抗坏血酸钠",
  "taxRate": 9.1
Response example (200)
  "code": 42,
  "message": "string",
  "data": [],
  "total": 42
Response example (500)
  "code": 42,
  "message": "string",
  "data": [],
  "total": 42