POST /freight-forward/{carrier}

Requests waybill data from specified carrier in Freight Forwarding DB. Receives waybill details in return, most carriers provide id and PDF packing label

Path parameters

  • carrier string Required

    Carrier name to ship, e.g. samarkand.sfexpress.test



Package to ship for Freight Forwarding DB

  • operation string Required

    Operation for Freight Forwarding DB, available options: QUERY, QUERY_PRODUCT, QUERY_WAYBILL. QUERY is deprecated

    Default value is QUERY_WAYBILL.

  • itemKeys array[string]

    Item keys, the key value could be tracking reference(QUERY_WAYBILL) or product sku(QUERY_PRODUCT)

    Not more than 100 elements. Default value is [] (empty).

  • pageNo integer

    Page number

    Minimum value is 1.

  • pageSize integer

    Page size

    Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 100.


  • 200


    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
  • 400

    Invalid input

  • 500


    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
POST /freight-forward/{carrier}
curl \
 -X POST{carrier} \
 -H "x-ca-key: $API_KEY" \
 -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
 -d '{"operation":"QUERY_WAYBILL","itemKeys":["SF1035215690597","SF1025950147480"],"pageNo":1,"pageSize":10}'
Request example
  "operation": "QUERY_WAYBILL",
  "itemKeys": [
  "pageNo": 1,
  "pageSize": 10
Response examples (200)
  "code": 42,
  "message": "string",
  "data": [],
  "total": 42
Response examples (500)
  "code": 42,
  "message": "string",
  "data": [],
  "total": 42