GET /refund/{merchant}

Query a refund

Path parameters

  • merchant string Required

    Merchant name to payment company, e.g. weixinpay.test

Query parameters


  • 200 object

    Query refund payment successfully.

    • code integer(int32)
    • message string | null

      Response message

    • refundId string | null

      Refund ID of payment company

    • orderRef string | null

      Merchant system order number

    • refundOrderRef string | null

      Merchant refund order no

    • transactionId string | null

      Transaction ID

    • channel string | null

      Transaction ID

    • userReceivedAccount string | null

      Bank card no

    • createTime string | null

      Refund create time

    • successTime string | null

      Refund success time

    • status string | null

      Refund state, SUCCESS: The refund is successful, CLOSE: The refund is closed, PROCESSING: The refund is being processed, ABNORMAL: The refund is abnormal.

    • refundAmount number | null

      Refund amount of current refund order, unit is fen

    • totalAmount number | null

      Total amount of current order, unit is fen

    • payerRefund number | null

      The refund amount of payer, unit is fen

    • payerTotal number | null

      The total amount of payer paid, unit is fen

    • settlementAmount number | null

      The refund amount of settlement, unit is fen

    • settlementTotal number | null

      The total amount of settlement, unit is fen

    • Coupons refund amount, unit is fen

    • currency string | null

      Amount currency, ISO 4217 three - letter code

    • Special parameters for refund of advance funds on e-commerce platform, REFUND_SOURCE_PARTNER_ADVANCE: advance payment is made by e-commerce platforms, which requires wechat Pay to apply for opening REFUND_SOURCE_SUB_MERCHANT: sub merchant, default value


    • fundsAccount string | null

      If the order is profiting, this parameter is used

  • 401 object

    Not Authenticated.

  • 500 object

    Something wrong when making the payment.

GET /refund/{merchant}
curl \
 -X GET https://nomad.samarkand-global.cn/broker/v1/refund/wechat.sh_smk?refund_order_ref=r001test20220125001 \
 -H "app-api-key: $API_KEY"
Response example (200)
  "code": 200,
  "message": "success",
  "refundId": "refund_id_payment_company",
  "orderRef": "test20220125001",
  "refundOrderRef": "r001test20220125001",
  "transactionId": "4200001148202111020556019250",
  "channel": "ORIGINAL",
  "userReceivedAccount": "0403**",
  "createTime": "2021-11-02T17:03:38+08:00",
  "successTime": "2021-11-02T17:03:38+08:00",
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "refundAmount": 10,
  "totalAmount": 10,
  "payerRefund": 10,
  "payerTotal": 10,
  "settlementAmount": 10,
  "settlementTotal": 10,
  "discountRefundAmount": 10,
  "currency": "CNY",
  "refundAccount": "REFUND_SOURCE_SUB_MERCHANT",
  "fundsAccount": "string"
Response example (401)
  "code": 200,
  "message": "success"
Response example (500)
  "code": 200,
  "message": "success",
  "errors": "Something wrong when making the service."